Staying Connected

While battling the war with the Covid-19 Pandemic, our goal is to continue to foster and encourage paths of social interaction. There are still safe ways to have social interactions with residents while keeping them safe. Here are 5 ways to socially engage with residents during this time of social distancing.

  1. Utilize our Skype Video Visiting:

Both of The Pines locations offer Skype visits. There are instructions for downloading and requesting a Skype visit at Skyping is a great way to say “Hello” and brighten someone’s day. Skype is a free service and can be downloaded on smart phones, tablets and computers. The activities departments at both locations will assist residents in engaging in a Skype visit.

  1. Be a Penpal

Residents LOVE to get mail. Write a letter, send a card or have children draw pictures. Our residents are overjoyed when mail arrives! Drawings and cards made by children are priceless to them. If you don’t know a resident, that’s OK. You can mail letters, cards and drawings to:

Send A Smile to a Resident                                    Send a Smile to a Resident

The Pines Olean                                                       The Pines Machias

2245 West State Street                     or                    PO Box 310

Olean, NY 14760                                                       Machias, NY 14101

We will assist residents who are vision impaired to open and read their special deliveries! (Remember to seal your envelope with a wet towel and not your tongue!)

  1. Celebrate your Family or Friendship in Pictures!

Pictures are a wonderful way to bring life outside the nursing home in. Take pictures of homeschooling, pets, flowers sprouting or anything else in your daily life that will bring your world to theirs. Mail them to the address above.

  1. Make a weekly phone call!

Residents can receive phone calls. The best hours to reach your loved one are between 1 and 3 pm. Please be patient when trying to get through and limit the time of your calls so everyone has a chance to utilize this opportunity.

  1. Monitor our Social Media and Website!

Both the Machias and Olean locations have Facebook Pages where pictures of Activities are posted. Follow them to see what is going on in those locations. Follow our website at for New Stories, Press Releases and more!