Press Release Pines Machias

On the morning of May 22, 2020, the Pines of Machias received its first set of results from our newly State-directed large scale employee COVID-19 testing.  We had 128 negative results, and 3 positive results.  The three (3) employees who tested positive have worked in the Machias building over the past 2 weeks.  As a measure of precaution, we are planning to test all residents who either consent themselves, or whose activated health care proxy consents for them.  None of the residents tested show positive results to date, and we are hopeful, based on our diligent use of PPE and infection control practices, that this will continue.  Results received from this new round of testing will be reported to the residents and responsible parties as soon as we receive them.

The facility will continue to test all employees twice weekly as directed by the Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo.  Additional positive test results may arise as reports continue to come in.  Plans are in place to accommodate staffing needs and challenges that may occur as a result of employees being taken out of work due to this testing mandate.  Plans are also in place to isolate residents who may receive a positive test result to avoid the spread of infection.


Kelly Reed

Deputy County Administrator/Acting Director of Nursing Homes

Cattaraugus County