“People in Our Neighborhoods” Project Update!

UPDATE: The monitors have arrived and are being installed over the next few days! Your participation is needed to make this project a success!

Nursing homes are really small neighborhoods housed under a large roof. The late Fred Rogers invited many of us to visit his “neighborhood” every day and we grew to know and love the people there. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted The Pines Neighborhoods. The flow of “people in our neighborhoods” has changed due to isolation precautions. Residents not only miss their own families and friends, but they are missing the other people that came to their neighborhoods. The familiar faces are no longer able to say “Hello”. The Pines understands this loss and have come up with a way to “bring back the people to our neighborhoods”. Please help us bring back familiar faces to our neighborhoods by submitting your pictures of residents families and friends to be shown as a slide show on these monitors!

You can submit your photos right here on our PinesCare.com website. Click the Featured Announcement “People in Our Neighborhoods” in the yellow box at the top of the page. There is a link in the announcement “Submit your family and friends photos of familiar faces”. That link will take you to the submission page which will ask for your name, which facility you visited and your resident’s name (so we can display your pictures in the correct neighborhood) and contact information. 10 photos can be uploaded at a time. More than 10 photos? Hit the link again and submit more. It’s that simple!

Please help us build our virtual neighborhoods by getting your photos submitted as soon as possible! The goal is to launch the slide show with as many families and friends participating as possible. New photos can be added at any time, so keep your submissions coming! If you have any problem or questions, please contact Kim Chase, Resident Care Liaison at 716-982-2544.