FAQ's For Families

The NYS Department of Health, the CDC and the CMS are providing daily updates and recommendations on the Covid-19 battle. The Pines is proactively instituting the recommended changes in an effort to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy. Some of our latest advances include the addition of masks for residents during direct care and face shields and/or goggles for all employees to wear at all times.  As with any change, our staff is working with residents to educate why these extra layers of protection are so important in keeping everyone safe and healthy.

A list of commonly asked questions are listed below:

How are employees being screened for Covid-19?

              Each building has limited entrance to 1 door. When entering, each staff member is required to disinfect their hands and put on a mask before their temperature is taken. Any staff member with a temperature of 100.0 degrees or greater is denied entrance and sent for further evaluation. Staff are also asked a series of screening questions pertaining to any cough or shortness of breath. Additional areas of inquiry are sore throat, body aches and fatigue. If a staff member displays signs or symptoms, they are not allowed to enter the facility.

How are residents being assessed for Covid-19?

              Residents temperatures are taken each shift and they are monitored for signs and symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath.

How does the staff know about the changes in procedures?

              Each building has an Infectious Control & In-Service Coordinator. Their job to provide education to the staff on new protocols/procedures. They review the updates from the various health organizations and provide training to keep all staff educated on new developments.

Why are residents receiving mail immediately but other incoming items are held in 48-hour quarantine?

              The daily delivery of mail for the United States Postal Service is a resident right and function of the Federal Government. Without a waiver or instructions from the Post Master General or the Department of Health to cease mail delivery or quarantine it for a specific amount of days/hours, regular daily mail delivery will continue. All other items coming into the facility for residents will continue to be held in a 48-hour quarantine.

How are items quarantined?

              Items are placed in a plastic bag and labeled with the recipient’s information as well as the date and time received. The items are placed in a holding area and released after they have been held for 48 hours.

Do snacks have to be quarantined?

              Yes, all items entering the building are quarantined for the health and safety of residents and staff.