COVID-19 Vaccinations at the Pines Machias Campus

We are excited to announce that the dates have been set for our COVID vaccination clinics. Our first clinic is scheduled for January 6th. Walgreens, our national provider, will be on campus to administer the vaccine to all residents who have consented or received consent to be vaccinated. Our staff who have elected to be vaccinated will also receive their first vaccine that day. On January 27th, our second clinic is scheduled for everyone to receive their second dose. We will be posting information sheets, and frequently asked questions documents below for your review. You can also call your loved one's head nurse with questions or concerns. Like everyone, we are looking forward to putting this pandemic in the past, and remain hopeful, that the COVID vaccine will bring us one step closer. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Please read the following documents for COVID-19 Vaccinations at the Pines Machias Campus.


Please contact your loved-ones head nurse at the Pines Machias with your questions.

Published on Wed, 12/23/2020 - 14:20 | Last Updated on 12/23/2020 14:46