Food & Nutritional Services

Olean Campus

The Food and Nutritional Services department serves various therapeutic and texture modified diets to suit the individual nutritional needs of each resident. An individual plan of care is established for each resident upon admission and is updated periodically, and as the condition of the resident changes. Meals are served in the main dining room, the wing lounges and in resident's rooms if they prefer.

Guest tray service is provided by the Food Service department at lunch and supper for those who desire trays and are payable ($3.75) at the switchboard. Arrangements should be made by 10:00am for the lunch meal and by 3:30pm for the supper meal. Switchboard records the Guest meals requested and completes a blue ticket for each Guest Tray. The blue ticket will be given to the Food Service Manager or kitchen staff to accompany the tray when delivered to the appropriate guest(s). Please note: due to limited space, visitors are not permitted to eat in the main dining room, however accomodations will be made for guests wishing to dine with a resident in the atrium, quiet room or the resident's room.

Holiday meals are available with reservations due by the date specified:, at the cost of $5.50. These meals are also payable at the switchboard.

MEAL TIMES: Breakfast is served at approximately 7:30am-9:30am on each of the wings.

                            Lunch is served at approximately 11:30am-1:00pm in the dining room on each wing

                            Dinner is served at approximately 4:45pm-6:00pm in the dining room and on each wing.

                            Snacks are available to the residents at any time on each of the wings.

In addition to the main and alternate entrees served for lunch and supper, there is also soup and sandwich choices available, as a third choice for the residents. In the event that someone requires an alternate, once their meal arrives, it will depend on the availability of that or the third alternate of soup and sandwich if this change is possible.

The facility provides a special menu for each resident on his or her birthday. These requests will be obtained by the Activity department and turned into the Food Service staff.

Food items may be brought into the facility by families, however perishable items cannot be stored, therefore must be only in a single serving amount. Snacks can be stored in the resident's room, but they need to be in a sealed, labeled and dated container with the residents name and must be discarded after three days because of State Food Regulations.

**The Food Service Department is not allowed to handle, store, prepare, or reheat any food items from outside of the facility food supply**